About Elizabeth

Twenty-something mom to two; wife to the guy I started dating junior year of college at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Some couples went to Adoration together; we started dating after watching “Shaun of the Dead.” Not much has changed.

Of course, that’s not true; we moved to Connecticut after graduation…

Let’s just pretend this is our backyard, and that there weren’t hordes of tween hooligans behind me when I snapped the picture.

… got married …

Is it telling that I had to stop myself from choosing a picture with just me and my bridesmaids in it?

A pretty good day.

… had a kid …

Lucia using an old winebox as a purse. We upcycle in this household.

… and then, just short of two years later, another…

Felix, working hard.

but “Shaun of the Dead” is still one of our favorites.


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