what we’re reading Wednesday!

1. I just finished reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to Lucia for the first time, and oh man, it got me in the postpartum feels, all right. I mean, I was choking up when Father Christmas arrived.

There’s something about reading C.S. Lewis out loud – and, for the first time, actually to a child other than 7-year-old me – that made me appreciate even more deeply the poignancy of scenes such as Aslan breathing the statues back to life, or the brilliant, joyful reality of Father Christmas appearing against the Witch’s bleak landscape. It dawned on me that Lewis writes as someone who knows the ache of Loss — and if you’re familiar with his life, you know he did, from a very young age — yet he describes both sorrow and hope in such a perfectly simple way that’s somehow accessible to children and adults alike. The characters experience joy, too, of course, but it always stands in contrast to, or perhaps rises out of, the despair and hopelessness that even small children can sense in the land of always winter, never Christmas. He doesn’t cheapen or downplay the importance of children’s emotions or, in his characters’ case, their actions; everything is weighted with a sense of purpose and responsibility.

I remember reading that J.R.R. Tolkien disapproved of the Narnia books, which can only lead me to conclude that Tolkien was a poo.

2. We’ve since moved on to A Bear called Paddington, which is cute or whatever, and at least better than the live action movie, which I can only recommend if you’re interested in seeing Lord Grantham act like a sputtering buffoon and dress in drag (or hey! Just keep watching Downton Abbey; I’m sure it’ll get there eventually ;)).

3. I am trying with all my might to finish Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth, but it’s painful. I just want a scene where everyone gets slapped off their high horses. Literally. That would make for a much more interesting novel.

Anyways. I seem to read a lot more when newborns are in the mix, so hopefully I’ll be blogging at least about books more often. Visit Jessica at Housewifespice for more reviews!


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