Life with Lucia

Me: Hey Lucia, ask Felix if he likes to [some inane activity I can’t even remember]!

Lucia: Hey Feeix, do you like to […]?

Felix: UHH!

Without skipping a beat, and putting on her creepy voice: HEY FEEIX, do you like it when I POKE YOU IN THE EYE?!?!??


Watching eagerly as I open up WordPress: “Are you getting me a show????”


After being banished from the kitchen amid the throes of a tantrum, she retreated to the couch, settled down, and began singing softly: “If you’re sad and you know it….woohoohoo.”


Me, trying to wrap up bedtime prayers: “And God bless Mommy and Daddy and Cia and Felix.”

“And Bear, forever and never.”


Sitting on the toilet first thing in the morning, after assuring me that she did not have to pee: “OH! I’M GOING PEE!”

Me: Yeah….did it surprise you?

Lucia: Yeah. It woke up!

Me: Uh…

Lucia: It woke up, and got out of bed, and CAME DOWNSTAIRS!

Me: Oh good heavens.


Just a little draggy in the morning.


“When he gets bigger, will Feeix wipe me, too?”

Luke’s later commentary: “Well as far as she’s concerned, even he exists to serve her. Equal opportunity narcissist.”




3 thoughts on “Life with Lucia

    • Haha! Last night Lucia was talking about being scared of monsters, and Luke pointed out that Elmo is a monster, and is she scared of him? “No, Elmo’s not a monster! He’s a furry.”

      • I was reading “Grover Sleeps Over” to Kenia and she asked me what Grover is. I was stumped, because I didn’t think “monster” would really make sense to her… I asked her what she thought, and she said “‘sink him a bear.” A lot of times I like to just ask what she thinks and go with it. 🙂

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