When in doubt: a recipe post

I was drawing a blank for today’s post, but while washing a tubful of veggies from our local farm share and trying to imagine a week’s worth of dinners out of the greens swimming in the sink, ears of corn still lying on the floor and quart of grape tomatoes quickly diminishing into the kids’ mouths….I remembered: corn pancakes.

We really like these, slathered in sour cream or plain yogurt and topped with fresh salsa (I’m going to be swapping the original recipe’s salsa for a more Mexican-leaning pico de gallo, especially since we have cilantro in the fridge. (People who don’t like cilantro….I am so, so sorry. You don’t know what you’re missing). Another change we’ve made recently is swapping half the flour for masa harina, which has the texture of very fine corn flour and is what makes up the main filling part of tamales. (You can find it in the Hispanic section of grocery stores — Masteca is the big brand — and it is also an awesome, delicious thickener for chili and any other stew you can imagine dunking a huge piece of cornbread in).

Anyways — who doesn’t like pancakes for dinner, right?


Yes, we took a picture the first time we made these, probably 3 summers ago…it was exciting, okay?



3 thoughts on “When in doubt: a recipe post

  1. When in doubt, eat those pancakes! They look delicious. I take pictures of food all the time. And I post them on Facebook. Is that weird? I love whipping stuff up and it’s all about presentation.

    Thanks for this new recipe to add to my Spanish rotation!

    Stopped by via conversiondiary.com! 7 in 7 post challenge. Glad I did!

    • Thank you! I have zilch photography skills, which only adds to the patheticness of any food pictures, but I do enjoy cooking 🙂

  2. I make these from time to time since you made them for me two summers ago. I found a recipe that uses corn flour, but has me separate the eggs and peak the egg whites…I am going to try your recipe… 🙂

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