7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 220)

A look at the scintillating stuff that’s been buzzing around my brain the past couple weeks. I wish I had time to devote into making each point into its own post but…you know.

1. Russel Hoban’s Frances books. They might be badgers, but oh the humanity. I borrowed an audio version of four of the stories from the library (read: 46 min of content toddler in the car), and I find myself musing on how I could be more like Frances’ mother (beating her picky eater at her own game, assuring a put-out older sister “there will always be enough chocolate cake” in the house, etc.), or whether the dad has a really snarky inner life.

2. Kid update #1: Lucia has taken up the really annoying habit of loudly chirping, “WHA’YOUSAY???!!” in response to every other thing I say. (Luke corrects me just now to say it’s more like every single thing I say). I’m trying to push “pardon me,” but so far, it hasn’t gelled. (“Lucia, you can be polite and say, ‘Pardon me?’ instead.” “WHA’YOUSAY?!?!?!”) The silver lining to this is that it’s yet another peek into how her mind works — all this time I was priding myself on having such an observant, intelligent child….was it all a lie??

3. Kid #2: Felix’s noises can be broken down into three general categories:

  • Happy babbling, usually occurring in the hour or so after waking up in the morning or after nap. It’s his own little language somewhere between glossalalia and Japanese, and it’s adorable.
  • Angry roars (the rest of the day), like a tiny Godzilla roaming the room for more bookshelves to destroy or legs to cling to. (Or, as Luke once observed one afternoon, “prowling about the world, seeking the ruin of souls.”) 
  • Somewhere in between: a demented Donald Duck.

4. Today I observed to Luke that, actually, I think that after I cross a certain threshold of not showering, my hair starts to look all the better for it…I think I used the words “sleeked down, probably because of the grease.” He said that deserved to be on the blog, so I’m only happy to oblige.

5. Speaking of thresholds, there’s some point where kids stop waking up at 5 a.m., right? Like, some switch goes off and they realize the bliss of sleeping in? Right?

6. We’ve also been reading this collection of fairy tales by Lucy Cousins, and I’ve realized that 1) these are the first renditions Lucia’s been exposed to where the characters are actually being eaten, killed, gobbled, chopped open, boiled up and eaten as a soup(!), etc., but it doesn’t seem to faze her. Yet. And 2) What is the moral of some of these stories, anyway? Three Billy Goats Gruff: Sell out your family? And why doesn’t the wolf just eat Little Red Riding Hood there in the woods, and then run on the cottage to eat the grandmother? Does he really just want to wear old, bedridden woman clothes?

7. Speaking of which:

Anyways. Head on back to the gang at Conversion Diary!


2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  1. That video is awesome. Zoe and Ginny just watched it, enthralled, and Zoe wanted to know, “Can we watch another Lucia movie, please?” And, come now, can’t an honors student come up with a quick b.s. moral for anything? “Three Billy Goats Gruff embodies the Christian ideal of trust in a higher power. Like those in the Church Militant who turn to the Church Triumphant for assistance in moments of duress, the younger two billy goats walk the narrow path across the troll bridge with peace of spirit, knowing that their oldest brother will triumph over the powers of evil.” Or, of course, it might be: “Sweet Green Grass is worth sacrificing anything for, particularly annoying older siblings.”
    Lucy used to say “Whatsay?” at that age, too, but oddly enough Zoe never did. I KNEW Lucy heard what I said, but it became an instant response–I actually wondered whether it was because she heard US say that to her so often…then with #2, at least we weren’t saying it to her older sibling… Who knows. But it does pass, along with the 5am wake-up. I’m lucky if I can get the oldest two out of bed before 8:30 some days.

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