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Can I squeeze in 7 bullet points during one nursing session? 1-handed? With a squirming, kicking 10-month-old? Here we go:

1. Lucia has been oh-so-self-consciously working on pronunciation. L’s, up to this point, have always been w’s (“Wucia!”) or just dropped, but we noticed she’d been practicing on Felix’s name. What was once a quick, happy “Fee-ix!” is now a long, drawled “Feeeawwwlllixxx.” She also is trying to make the “th” sound. An overheard snippet of a breakfast monologue this week: “Baff. Baffthhfhff. It’s HARD to say! Baff. I NEED to take a BAFFTHHF, Mom!”

2. Do you have any favorite mispronunciations and/or just plain weird words that your kid used to say? Lucia used to call coffee “foppee,” which I thought fell in the category of “so adorable it’s sad when she gets it right.” Then there was the mysterious phase (at about 1.5 years, I think) of her calling muffins “wawas.” :-/ Never figured that one out.

3. My favorite song discovery this week, via Noisetrade:

One might ask, have the babies and I been dancing to this song this week, blinds and windows open and all, with the sheer uninhibitedness that rolls around at 4 p.m. after being up for nearly 12 hours? Yes.

4. Another favorite to share:

That line, Go back to the ancient paths/Lash your heart to the ancient mast/And hold on, boy, whatever you do/To the hope that’s taking hold of you  — it grabs me every time.

To use the super sappy, subjective and eyeroll-inducing phrase “I feel”….I feel that this at its core is what authentic, totally-separate-from-the-context-of-modern-politics conservatism is supposed to be. I recently asked a friend to recommend some Russell Kirk reading that I can peruse before spending a week vacationing with devotees of THE Conservative Mind, apparently, in Northern Michigan. (I tried reading The Conservative Mind a couple years ago but wimped out/gave up a few chapters in, with the excuse that “I felt” he just came off as annoyingly pretentious. Where this prejudice came from, I don’t know, but it didn’t help that every other sentence was in the passive form.  BUT GUYS. I’m giving him a second chance, so please don’t hate/exile me to the wilds of rural, WiFi-less Michigan. Besides, I’m bringing the coffee. 🙂

5. Um…where was I? (Clearly, not wrestling with the baby anymore). Anyways. Michigan. I’m so excited to spend a week with our dear college friends and their families. I am also so scared of the prospect of seven kids under the age of 5, including my best friend’s newborn, under one roof, for a week. Like I said: coffee. And maybe an afternoon session of making these, if my trial run currently sitting out on the counter in dough form turns out well: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/animal-cookies-recipe

6. Luke and I are going on a date this weekend. We’re leaving the minions with the 15-year-old babysitter smack in the middle of Felix’s Angry Hour(s), pointing out the premade baked ziti and running away to Iron Man 3 and takeout on the green. I’m nervous :-/

7. So, if we ever move to New Jersey (…..), I would homeschool solely to get in on this action

The picture of the tableful of boxed wines under the Last Supper made me literally lol and think of these:


Using the empty Opici box as a purse. Naturally.



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  1. 2. My favorites of G were “pin-get” for spinach and “Jofus” for Joseph. I was really sad when she stopped doing both of these. L says “nuffin” for muffin.

    3. I will have to get in on the dancing to your songs with the kids so I have a chance to listen to them. 🙂

    4. M is having us stop at Russell Kirk’s house on the way… Are you bringing a burr grinder with that coffee?

    5. Honestly I am more nervous about the baby getting any sleep at night with her sisters in the same room than all the kids together. They will be fine, that is if our L girls get along. 🙂

  2. Ohh! Adorable as her lack of L’s are, it’s useful and impressive (as well as also adorable) that she’s trying to fix them herself!

    How was Iron Man? I went to see Star Trek, and had no regrets, except maybe that I couldn’t also stick around for Iron Man and Great Gatsby while I was already at the theater…

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