Scenes from a Life with Lucia

As we pull out of the Kohls parking lot. (Context — as if there is ever any real context to anything that comes out of her mouth — is that in the store, she told me she had a “beeg booger.” And then dropped the subject as quickly as it came up.)

Lucia: Beeg booger.

Me: Oh yes. What happened to it?

Lucia: In the cart.

Me: Yes, you had a big booger when you were in the cart. Where is it now?

Lucia: In the cart.

[Realization dawns]

Me: You…left it in the cart?

Lucia: Yes!

Me: How did you put it in the cart?

Lucia: Wif mine finger!

So there you have it. This is why we all get sick every two weeks. If you really want to know, she also said it was “wet,” and that if other kids find her booger later, they will “wike it.”


Totally deadpan, while giving her 22-year-old Uncle Chris a skeptical glance as he hoisted her up by the armpits to carry her down three flights of stairs at the Peabody Natural History Museum“Don’t drop me.”


Upon noticing, as if for the first time, our grocery store’s logo:



Being a smarty-pants:

“W! W says, ‘Wuh, wuh!’ Wike, ‘Wucia!'”


While guzzling her post-nap bottle (yes…yes…she is still stuck on the bottle…) and listening to the air escaping from the nipple:

Lucia: “My bottle’s screaming!”

Me: “Um…it’s squealing…?”

With a maniacal grin: “No it’s scweaming!”


After storming into the bathroom, where I had retreated to read this.

“Oh. Mommy making poo-poo. Mommy reading book! You reading your poo book?”

TMI? I thought so. And yet, so indicative of, of….everything.



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