7 Quick Takes: In which I question whether all 2-year-olds are this neurotic, or if it’s just mine

Joining Jen at the TGIF party.

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1. Naptime: when Lucia maxes out the crazy. Almost every afternoon this week, I have looked at calm, easy Felix as he sleepily nursed before drifting off on his own (his own!!) in his bassinette and marveled at the difference between these two kids. (Oh, did I mention that our peaceful moment is set to the background noise of shrieks from the attic? She has really perfected the art of the sustained little girl roar.) We commiserate there, he and I: “She is insane.”

2. I’d been rereading sections of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, thinking, you know, maybe I could pick up tips to help the baby sleep even better — but who am I kidding … it’s the toddler who needs help 😮

3. I mean, think of the Biblical scene where Jesus casts the demons into the herd of pigs, which then goes stampeding over the face of a cliff — and that’s maybe a glimpse of the rage that impelled my two-year-old to catapult herself over the side of her crib today. Because she didn’t have her Baby Mickey Mouse Goes to the Freaking Circus book in bed.

4. So, yeah, naptime over. Now that I know she can hurl herself out the crib and all. I was folding clothes on my bed when I heard the thud of her hitting the floor, then ran to the stairs just in time to see Her Pantslessness careening wildly towards the first step, eyes red, face still contorted in rage, and an orange pantie hanging lopsided around her waist (both legs sticking out of one leg hole). INSANE.

5. As I told Luke last night after relating some other crazy episodes from the day, I’d never realized how much I could want to laugh and pull my hair out at the same time.

6. Anyways. She’s “resting” on the couch behind me now. Three hours after naptime officially commenced. I hear rustling and much whispering as she “reads” her library books, plus the occasional, louder whisper of, “ANOTHER ONE” whenever she finishes a story. And I know it was time to graduate out of the crib anyway…we were just putting it off/enjoying the cell-like aspect of it for as long as possible. 

7. That said…Any tips on the transition, or toddler bed vs. twin mattress? (Or the wild card of Ikea children’s beds). We have an extra crib mattress, but it’s pretty old/beat up, and I was thinking of repurposing it for a reading/play nook in her room. Because I’m creative and craft-y like that.

FABLER Bed canopy IKEA A bed canopy gives privacy and creates a room-in-room feeling. Sheer fabric with great light transmission.

This bed canopy would probably be destroyed in about two nights.


4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: In which I question whether all 2-year-olds are this neurotic, or if it’s just mine

  1. We’ve been looking for something to help get Jude to sleep through the night, or at least sleep more than an hour at a time, and I’ve heard mixed reviews of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Have you found it helpful?

  2. Yes, overall. I tend to just read the sections (by age range) appropriate to our situation, to get an idea of what I can expect from a baby/toddler of that age. I do like his emphasis on getting a good naptime routine set, with better nights hopefully to follow. Good luck!

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