Who’s joining me in Hong Kong?

A while ago, one of our online orders originated from Hong Kong (living extravagantly here, as always), and the packaging came complete with a local take away menu as filler.

Apparently, Hong Kong street food is A Thing. After all, who could resist such offerings as:

  • Breakfast offerings that include “sole cutlet salad, butter bread and fresh coffee,” “chicken chop, luncheon meat, condensed milk & peanut butter thik tast, and milk tea,” and — my pantry is crying out for this to be made next weekend — “condensed milk and instant noodles.”
  • Lunch options from “Rice with fish in carbonara cheese sauce” to “Spaghetti with fish & chicken mushroom cold cut in tomato & creamy sauce”; “Rice with roasted beef in super [my note: super!!!tomato sauce,” to “Rice with seafood in creamy blue cheese sauce.”
  • Teatime nibblings, a la carte! I think I would try the “Croissant with Soft Crabs,” or “Cheese & Egg Hot Dog,” followed by everyone’s comforting favorite, “Tuna Fish French Toast.”

Let’s go!


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