A toddler’s tragicomic life

Our new place has a small parking lot out back for us and the other duplex next door. While standing in the back doorway last night, watching Luke get out of his car and walk towards the house, Lucia saw a neighbor’s silver sedan pull in next to him.

For reasons that will always remain in her mind, and her mind alone, she completely spazzed out and began yelping into the night: “Gamma! Gampa! GAMMA!” Then, a pause, a faint moment of second guessing herself —
“Rose! John!” (Felix’s godparents). Apparently not. “GAMMA! GAMPA!”

Unable to contain her excitement any longer and wait in the dry house, she ran with wild, little steps through the kitchen into the living room where I was nursing Felix. “I need my SHOOOESS!” she crowed, tearing through the cardboard and packing paper mess in search of her sneakers.

At this point, Luke walked in, and he was able to crush her hopes of seeing Grandma and Grandpa as gently as possible.

Cute and tragic. That pretty much sums up most of the kid’s life, I’d say.


2 thoughts on “A toddler’s tragicomic life

  1. And Aunt Betsy!! Give her lots of hugs and kisses from gamma gampa!

    (We’ll have to be sure to rent a silver sedan when we come for a visit this winter.)

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