7 Quick Takes — Hurricane edition

Joining Jen with her 7 Quick Takes at Conversion Diary again….

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 194)

1. We’re getting a little too experienced with power outages. Our post-Sandy outage was only 48 hours, but many, many more are still without lights, heat and in some cases even water. We’re fortunate that our greatest hardship was listening to Lucia whine for Sesame Street or a warm bottle of milk; it’s surreal to see pictures like this of houses just a 5-min. drive south of us:

Waves hit homes.

Credit: WTNH.com/Report It user Jordan

2. No power/heat for a couple days meant a lot of time spent at the library. To the point where yesterday, while leaning through the metal bars of the library’s main, spiral staircase, Lucia crooned (loudly…very loudly), “It’s my HOOOOME!!!” I feigned embarrassment, but, let’s be honest, was just a tad gleeful that we have a little nerd on our hands.

3. I’ve gotta say, though, Halloween is at least a convenient holiday to have during a power outage. Candles sold out of stores? Buy some of these puppies:

Toddler about to destroy your 800 sq. foot apartment? Strap a couple of these on her wrist:

Glow Bracelets - 9"

Ecstasy’s got nothing on the sheer mania that resulted.

4. No power doesn’t necessarily mean no electronics; Luke cobbled together a pair of plastic cup speakers for his earbuds, and we were able to listen to podcasts he’d downloaded on his mp3 player before the storm. This American Life is a favorite of ours; he also introduced me to The Moth, which would be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates good storytelling (shouldn’t that be everyone?)

5. On a non-hurricane related note: we are in dire need a babysitter. The Up All Night episode where Will Arnett and whoever-she-is realize their Saturday nights have devolved into reheated freezer stash eaten in front of the TV? That’s us, minus the cream of breastmilk. Our regular girl had the nerve to go to college, and now I’m to the point of scheming how to discreetly ask the single, wholesome-looking young women in front of me in the Communion line if they like kids. I strike up friendly conversations with other moms at the library in hopes that they’ll lead to them divulging their favorite sitters, whom I’ll then steal on at least a once-a-month basis. This is desperation, people.

6. I know Felix was the name of many, many early Christian martyrs; that it comes to life during the Easter Vigil liturgy in that epic line, “O felix culpa…”; that our own little Felix Christian has a nifty theological dimension to his name…but I think we might start telling people that we named our first son after the dude who dove out of a capsule 24 miles above the ground, broke the speed of sound and landed on his feet in the New Mexican desert. (I know, I’m about a million weeks behind in the news cycle…but hey, I’ve had a lot on my plate.)

7. Speaking of plates, I’m so excited to start cooking from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, a birthday present courtesy of my sister-in-law Betsy. A functional electrical stove never looked so good.



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