7 Quick Takes: Birfday edition

Joining the fun with Jen @ Conversion Diary

1. Happy 2nd birthday to Lucia! 2. Last Saturday, however, she dove off the couch arm, so any birthday pictures will look something like this:



3. I totally dropped the ball on throwing a party for her…heck, I never even picked up the ball. Oh, I entertained some hazy daydreams of a big party to which we’d invite every toddler and their parents that we know within in a 20-mile radius, but…hahaha. No. If it’s nice tomorrow evening, we’ll go to our favorite park and get takeout pizza; if not, we’re holing up at home and still getting pizza. I’ve even given up on making a cake. Because let’s be honest, for as long as she doesn’t know what a birthday is, Luke and I will be celebrating our survival since Sept. 28, 2010.

4. Elaborately themed birthday parties for toddlers? Never. Ever. Ever. Back when I was thinking of doing a party, I considered Lucia’s current obsessions: the Cat in the Hat, the “number W,” Little Bear, sometimes “number W upside-down” (can you guess what letter that would be?), and the moon. Sleep-deprived or not, this was something I could work with — I could envision it well, a lopsided chocolate cake with a giant, frosted W on top. And she’d love it, this passive-aggressive shot from her mother at everything that is so freakishly wrong about Pinterest. “This birthday party is brought to you by the number W,” Luke mused when I told him my idea. “That’s right, the number W.”

5. So in lieu of an awesome birthday party, we did the next best thing: the mall. If she could rate the experience, I’m pretty sure it would be: Playplace (fun!), toy store going out of business with a 75% off sale (sooo frustrating, strapped in the stroller and unable to touch anything), stupid Clifford ride that rocked back and forth for 20 seconds (a little startling, but then fun, and then, quickly, disappointing and quiver-in-someone’s-throat-inducing when she realized I wasn’t going to feed “Kifford” three more quarters), and, lastly, Target (agony saved only by the purchase of applesauce and cereal bars).

6. Yesterday, she heralded the eve of her second birthday by repeatedly singing the phrase, “Turtle whupping chair” ooover and ooover again. Outside. Inside. I don’t know why, much less what it means. Or maybe it’s “Turtle puppy hair” … it’s kinda hard to tell, but it was apparently important enough for her to remember at 6:30 this morning.

7. The real birthday gift: 

Radio Flyer Grow 'N Go Flyer

I should have added “bikes” and “holemets” (helmets) to the list of Things That Make Lucia Shriek. I’m excited to see her reaction to the trike, and now just need to figure out the best way to get her well-worn (ridden?), pink, $6 from the thrift store ride-on horsey out of the house with minimal trauma.


4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Birfday edition

  1. 1) She is WAY more into the moon than you give her credit for. World’s tiniest astronomer.
    2) She says “HOLD-met” not “HOLE-met”.
    3) You could’ve just given her 3 more quarters. Not like she’s getting a birthday party.


    P.S. I still think pizza in the park will be fun for the whole family.

  2. Luke, can you steal onto Liz’s account and leave snarky comments on every blog post? Please? 🙂

    Also: I seriously want to hang out with your child. The WoNC Reunion next summer can’t come soon enough!

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