7 Quick Takes: Fall Edition

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1. As much as I sometimes gripe about the northeast/New England region, if it has one thing going for it (we’re not huge lobster fans, so that doesn’t count), it’s the marvelous season of fall. The trees haven’t burst into color yet (so my annual mood of let’s-channel-Gerard-Manley-Hopkins hasn’t quite hit yet, either), but certain signs of fall are definitely appearing — including one of my favorites, apple picking. 

Rockin’ the socks and Crocs.

 2. Luke feigns indifference when it comes to the wonderful world of apple varieties found at the pick-your-own orchard one town over (he’s a loyal Michigander to the end, and, like our dear Republican nominee for president, I guess, will always prefer its trees to those of other states…). But as someone who grew up thinking there were two types of apples — red or green, the first being mealy and the second extremely tart — my first fall in Connecticut was, you could say, mindblowing.

3. Lucia’s favorite so far seems to be the Galas — small enough for toddler hands, crisp, and surprisingly sweet. 

Don’t worry, she wasn’t really choking. Not badly, anyway.

 4. We made the laziest batch of applesauce ever (and by lazy I mean, I didn’t even peel them), mainly by following this method off Simply Recipes. The combo of tart Cortlands and sweet Galas was perfect — no sugar needed, even with the rather liberal dose of lemon juice I used.

5. My other favorite indication that fall is here is our library’s annual booksale — an event that jams the usually peaceful town Green with book dealers, retirees, toddler-wielding moms and more as soon as the tent opens at 9 a.m. This year I navigated the narrow, grassy aisles with our monster stroller and managed only to hit a few old men who were clogging up the history section. Lucia brought home some dumb Disney baby board book that I hate already, but it at least kept her entertained while Mommy frantically scanned the religion aisle.

7. … the fruits of which included like-new copies of Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth, G.K. Chesterton’s St. Francis of Assisi and Fr. James Martin’s My Life with the Saints. Total: $8. 

7.5 Then there was this gem in the children’s section:

“Because squirrels’ bodies are their own.”

Ah, Connecticut.


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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Fall Edition

  1. I have to read that last book. 😉 I am impressed that you only bought three books. Anytime there is a book sale or free book table at the library Mark comes home with at least a shelf-full.

    • Oh, I bought more….but those were the three finds I was most excited about 🙂 I’ve become much more discerning when it comes to book sales/used book stores — limited storage space kinda necessitates that for now. But when we have a house…!

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