pre-dinner thoughts

To prove Luke that I can write a “really quick” post (“5 minute one?” “yep” “that’s impossible” — hence the challenge)…

I will cheat.

I’m really annoyed by all the disconcerted calls of how Kennedy shouldn’t have had a public Catholic funeral, how the Church has stumbled into yet another post-Notre Dame scandal by giving him the funeral, how we can’t forget!! (this is usually said in a shrill tone) his support for abortion, same-sex marraige and embryonic stem cell research.

Come on. He confessed to a priest. Sincere or not, I thought his letter to the pope was striking as an example of a dying man facing his mortality and coming to the Church in which he was raised. Maybe it’s tone suggests an attempt to explain himself, I don’t know. Maybe he was being political. But if I were 77 and dying of a brain tumor,  and raised in one of the most famous Catholic families in modern history, bs-ing to the pope wouldn’t really be on my short list of things to do before I die.

I really liked Fr. James Martin’s blog post on the matter (it’s included in the link above).

That took longer than 5 minutes but only because I had to stop and go through papers Luke cleared off the table. :o)


One thought on “pre-dinner thoughts

  1. Yes. We are too obsessed with justice and need more mercy (cf. my own recent post on scrupulosity). I’m glad /someone’s/ saying that.

    I don’t envy you for having to read through all the drek about Kennedy’s death. Bleh.

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