wishful thinking?

will i take advantage of my extra “free” time, courtesy of luke’s jaunt home via buffalo over the next five days, and revisit the blog?

we shall see…

addendum: can i just say that it is a sign that “the honeymoon is over” when i find myself scrounging through the junk that covers this messy desk, looking for a thin strip of flimsy paper so that i can pay off my husband’s parking ticket…? second addendum, plus rant: new haven is so stupid — two parking tickets on both our cars in the past two weeks — the closest signs indicating parking rules were at LEAST two hundred feet away both ways — and a TOWING fee incurred by a lack of visible street sweeping signs on tuesday evening. we spent a good 15 minutes or so trying not think about the car being stolen. but no…it was only dragged away to one of the shadier parts of town, to a towing yard inhabited by at least one slightly chubby, lonely-looking pitbull.


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