We have a (real) First Communion!

Last fall’s accidental First Communion aside, we had our first official reception of the Eucharist last Sunday. Henry the Boy Historian Wonder, in all his decked-out, suited-up, gelled-hair splendor, received Jesus at the 10 a.m. Mass looking like a cherub (the cute kind, not the…saber-toothed, double-headed, six-wing kind or however Daniel/Revelation describes them), and I was proud of him.

Gave him a way-more-pricey-than-I-thought-I’d-spend saints book by Amy Welborn and told Luke I felt pathetic for stalking a First Communion reception for a kid that isn’t mine. But he is so darn cute.

And yet, this third grader who knows so much about every American president apparently is not so head smart on world religions. Take last Tuesday, for example.

Martin [in awe-struck tone]: Someone in our class at school DOESN’T BELIEVE IN GOD.

Jessica: Yeah, Hagan. Hagan’s JEWISH. [looking at me.] Jews don’t believe in God.

Henry [also looking at me as I search for a response]: You can’t SMILE if you’re Jewish. [nodding head vigorously]

Luke, the next day: Maybe he was thinking of the Amish…?


2 thoughts on “We have a (real) First Communion!

  1. My Jewish relatives and co-workers would beg to differ, but would probably also be charmed by the kids.

    And while I vaguely recall the aforementioned accidental Communion story, that’s way to good for you to /not/ give us a linkback!

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