What indeed

What Luke dreams of at night, apparently:


So. Last night my dream started out with me in class. The teacher was
lecturing on Batman, but I was bored because I already knew everything
about Batman. So I started watching the first movie on my computer, except
that it was completely different (cooler, actually) than the real
film. And then I was inside of the movie, just like two nights ago. So
this time I met Miley Cyrus in a mob boss’ hotel bar, where she was an
appitizer waitress. We talked for a bit about the extremely strange
appetizers that she was peddling, then she asked me if I wanted to do a
raid on World of Warcraft later. I told her that I didn’t play MMORPGs
(we’ve discussed what those are) and she swore that she had seen me on
there before. I told her that was Odin, but I was watching over his
shoulder. She asked me why I didn’t play and for the rest of the dream we
talked about the psychological differences between videogame addiction in
general and MMORPG addiction.

What is wrong with me?
Also: maybe she’s just my power animal?



2 thoughts on “What indeed

  1. Miley Cyrus is your fiance’s power animal? By “power animal”, does he mean a way for him to make himself feel better about the obsessions he has by comparing them with the obsessions he hasn’t?

    Anyway, that rationalization of it scares me more than the whole rest of the dream. After all, dreams are, almost by definition, bizarre.

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