We make up for last week’s “The Holy” and “The Spirit”

I really do have every intention of using this blog as more than a forum of “and then this is what crazy things the catechism kids said next,” but … you know how it goes.

Last week, the religious education director called all the classes together so she could talk about the Annunciation.

“What was the angel’s name?” she asked the kids, showing them a small statue of Gabriel and Mary.

My kids’ hands shot up. My eyebrows raised. I readied myself for what would come out of their mouths.

“Gabrielle?” one girl guessed.

I’ll take that.

“And why did Gabriel come to Mary?”

Martin, the one who I thought deliberately ignores me/worried me last week by using the Antonio-Banderas-hitting-on-the-love-interest-in-the-confessional scene as an example of how to go to Reconciliation, raised his hand.

“To tell her that she would give birth to the Son of God, Jesus Christ,” he said, very self-assured.


My fellow embattled teacher gave me a congratulatory nudge.

“…And because Mary said yes, God became Man and Jesus was born nine months later on Christmas,” our director was wrapping up. “And that’s why the Feast of the Annunication is a very important day.”

A kid raised his hand.

“So, will there be snacks or something tomorrow?”

“No. We don’t have class tomorrow.”



Also overheard while doing a project on the Way of the Cross:

Henry the Boy Historian Wonder [while furiously coloring away at his version of the sixth station]: I just made Jesus look like Chester A. Arthur. [looks up, thinks hard] Or JOHN QUINCY ADAMS.

His Jesus did have some sideburns going on…


Finally, Ryan, the dictionary definition of “distracted,” asked me in the middle of the project what the Stations of the Cross were, again.

“Remember, we did them last week?” I helped.

“Oh yeah,” he said, a huge wave of understanding crossing his face. “I was SO THIRSTY.”



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