…what it is to be human.

Sorry this is long. There’s even more, and it’s all beautiful. But for now:

“For me, it’s really important that the sacraments, the Eucharistic celebration of the    sacraments, not be something a little strange alongside more contemporary works like moral education, economics, all the things we just said. It can easily happen that the sacraments remain a bit isolated in a more pragmatic context, and become something not entirely inserted into the totality of our being human.

” … Really we must all teach what it is to be human. We must teach this great art: how to be human. This demands, as we have seen, many things: from the great denunciation of original sin at the roots of our economy and in the many branches of our life, as well as concrete indications about justice and proclamation to non-believers.

“But the [sacramental] mysteries are not something exotic in the cosmos of more practical realities. The mystery is the heart from which our strength comes, and to which we must return in order to find this center. … ‘Mystagogy’ also means something realistic, referred to the life of men and women of today. If it’s true that man is not the measure of himself – of what’s just and what isn’t – but that man finds his measure outside of himself, in God, it’s important that this God not be distant but rather recognizable, concrete, that God enter into our life and be truly a friend with whom we can speak and who speaks to us.

“We must learn to celebrate the Eucharist, learn to know Jesus Christ, the God with a human face, who is close to us. We must enter really into contact with him, learn to hear him and learn to allow him to enter into us. Sacramental communion is precisely this interpenetration between two persons. I don’t take a piece of bread or of flesh, I take or open my heart so that the Risen One may enter into the context of my being, so that he may be inside me and not only outside me, and thus so that he may speak inside me and transform my being, giving me the sense of justice, the dynamism of justice, the zeal for the Gospel.”

–Pope Benedict XVI, during a question and answer session with young priests from Rome.


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