A different sort of stimulus

“May Lent, marked by more frequent contact with the Word of God, by more intense prayer, and by a severe and penitential lifestyle, be a stimulus to convert and to love our brothers and sisters, especially the poor and needy.”

–from Pope Benedict’s Ash Wednesday homily

To contrast the Pope’s exhortation, however, I already broke my Lenten fast from sweets yesterday by celebrating a co-worker’s birthday. But oh my gosh, it was pistachio cake, and it hit that 10 a.m. sugar craving perfectly


One thought on “A different sort of stimulus

  1. Nice. As I told my co-workers, the difference between a Lenten resolution and a New Year’s resolution is that for Lent, it’s expected that you’ll screw up – just get back on it as if you hadn’t.

    And, for commiseration’s sake: I was 45m into Ugly Betty (at the gym – what else is there to do?) when I remembered I’d given up TV for Lent. Whoops.

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